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XR400 piston Noise? wristpin?

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Okay I'll try to make this short. I bought a 96 400 for $125. Obviously it was junk. The Rings had seized because of the timing chain guides coming apart and the rubber being stuck in the rings. Someone else had already put new valves in it because they bent them once before. It has a domed high compression piston and I reused all the old parts but put new timing chain in and had the head gone through. the first 100 miles it sounded great and runs like a brand new bike . Recently it has gotten louder n sounds like the valves are hitting the piston. I have double checked in my valves are just perfectly no upper end noise. it has a gutted air box with extremely large carb jets I believe 160 and 162 domed piston hot rod connecting rod and a DG muffler. It gets noisy her and rattles towards the upper end as it gets hotter sounds perfect cold though. Could it be a bad piston? Or possibly way over jetting causing destination? Please help

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