Clutch Fade due to Clutch Basket or Plates?

Hey guys,


I have a 2011 YZ450F.  At 150 hours on the bike, I replaced the clutch basket with a Hinson Steel basket and replaced the clutch plates with a Wiseco kit.  I am now experiencing massive amounts of clutch fade when I get into a technical situation.  In less than 30 seconds I can go from the clutch engaging when lever is furthest from the bar to having no clutch with the lever pulled to the bar.  I am thinking it's just that the wiseco kit isn't that good but my brother said it might be possible that the steel clutch basket won't dissipate heat as quickly causing the clutch plates to be hotter as well.  What do you guys think?

It's the plates.  The basket should not be a significant factor, but the plates are clearly expanding too much.  The flip side of it is that when you adjust for it on the fly, then the clutch cools after you clear the technical section, the extra free play disappears.  If you forget to readjust, the clutch slips and destroys itself. 


OEM Plates is the only kind I use any more, although I had real good luck with Hinson when I had them, too.

Thanks Grayracer, I definitely agree on the OEM stuff, I almost bought OEM to replace the plates the first time but read really good reviews on the wiseco.  I emailed wiseco, we'll see if they do anything about it.  Thanks again.

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