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Flywheel Holding Tool - How To

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So I recently needed to hold the flywheel on my DRZ, which meant I needed make an off set wrench, which E Marquez shows in this thread: Basic, Special and Home Made tools Just for the DRZ


I decided to do a bit more in depth writeup on making this, as many people don't realize how easy this is. It can be done in the garage without a "real torch".


You will need:

- 26 MM Wrench

- Mapp Gas Torch

- Vise


If you work on things in your garage, you really should have a MAPP gas torch. They are very useful for heating stubborn nuts and bolts. The tanks themselves are cheap, I believe I paid $7 for mine and have used it for years. The nozzle however is more expensive, however I've found if you get them in a propane kit it's cheaper than getting the nozzle separately. I paid $11 for the propane kit, and gave the propane tank away, as it's not hot enough for what I need.




I got my wrench from Sears, $12 shipped to my door. I found the local stores don't carry individuals this large or if they do its more expensive. It's easiest if you clamp the wrench in the vise so you can just set the torch on the bench and let it heat. It will take some time, but do not walk away from a lit torch or burning hot wrench. Also note the end I'm heating is out in the open, if you heat right next to the vise, the vise will dispate the heat quickly.




Here is an image with the wrench getting close to being ready to bend. The opposite side is starting to turn gold. Using a heavy set of leather gloves or a thick rag, flip it over and heat the other side.




It will quickly start to change to blue. When it does you may want to have a helper to grab the torch so you don't knock if over while re-positioning the wrench. It will cool very quickly, so you need to quickly get it clamped in the vise and immediately start bending. The vise will help cool the wrench, so you need to do this quickly. Once the wrench starts bending, do not stop bending. If you stop bending the steel will quickly work harden and need to be re-heated to be bent more. If you don't get the bend right the first time, or it won't bend, heat some more. This can be done entirely by hand once you have it hot enough, no cheater bars are necessary.




After I got the bend how I wanted it, I used a wire wheel to take off the discoloration, now it looks like it was made that way.




Obviously you could buy Suzuki's special tool for this, or buy an individual off set wrench, but both those options cost considerably more.

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Awesome, thanks a ton man.

A tool like that would be perfect for adjusting the clutch on my track bike.


Going to make one tomorrow.

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