Help! kickstarter wants to fly back up

I have a 2010 yz 450 I recently had the bike lock up do to the timing skipping a tooth from a loose chain. I put a new timing chain on and respeced the valves everything appears to be at the bottomend of the tolerence scale for the bike but when i got to kick it the engine turns but the the kickstarter flys back up at about 100 miles an hr feel like it wants to break my leg on way up. Any suggestion on why it would do this would be greatly appreciated completely stuck never had this problem before


Compression not working properly?

decompression seems to be okay flipped the timing 180 degrees and now it will roll over twice and then on the third kick it will almost seems like it fire and then kickback but the motor won''t start or run i really could some help im lost

This might be a stupid question but you aren't giving it gas while kicking are you?

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