Clutch Question?

First of all I'm new to TT and have to say this place is great!! I've learned more about my 2000 YZ426F from you folks than I probably should know!

Question - I just have had my shop rebuild my clutch. (just a kit, not the basket or hub) All the clutch is still stock. Problem is the clutch does not engage until the last "inch" of lever travel. Having ridden a friends 250F, his engages in the first inch of travel and is much more manageble and rider friendly. What are the adjustments to make the clutch engage a bit sooner? I'm considering a Hydraulic clutch Kit (Hebo or Magura) will this help or is the adjustment in the clutch itself? I'm a rookie. Can you fine folks help a brotha out?

There are two adjustment points. First check your bar mounted "on the fly" adjustment. Verify that it is roughly in the middle of its adjustment range. Then check the adjustment where the cable attaches to the actuator arm. Major adjustments can be made here. After you make your adjustments, make sure there is a little slack at the actuator. This is to ensure that when the lever is in its normal position, there is enough slack in the cable so that the clutch is not being actuated.

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