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DRZ400s Rekluse EXP install problem

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I have a 2007 DRZ400s I bought a year ago and just installed a Rekluse EXP clutch.

After install clutch cable had a lot of slack.

I adjusted cable and perch adjusted so that lever was just up against perch. Tried to set gap but I can't get the lever to move when Erving engine up like instructions say.

Tried tightening even more and nothing.

Started bike and put in gear with clutch lever pulled in, bike stalls immediately upon the slightest release of lever.

No matter now tight I adjust cable bike stalls.

When I installed I looked at friction dicks and plates for signs of wear and heat but saw none.

I am not expert so I need help.

I installed 5 friction plates and 5 steel disc along with Reklue pate and Rekluse springs.

Used 15 NM for torq on springs and clutch cover.

Any help would be appreciated

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