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2012 RMZ250 fork oil level

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Does anyone have any advise on draining oil level on forks on a 2012 RMZ250 I was reading about a year ago that you can simply drain some oil from the forks to make them softer. I have the compression clickers all the way out and have an inch and a half of travel that I am able to use. Also they feel stiff and dont have the money for new springs. Manual only states quantity of 388ml with stock springs.



Thank you,



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It easier to put it in than to drain it out. Usually the transfer happens via the air bleed hole. To drain some you'd need to remove the fork, rermove the air screw, tip the fork leg upside down and give her a squeeze to expell some oil. I use a 25ml syringe (available at any pharmacy, no needle required)  to accurately measure oil - which you can catch in a clean receptacle of some type. 

I run 368ml - 20ml under stock, at 8comp and 12 reb. I weigh 90kg. I'm vet speed and our tracks are tight with modest table tops and lots of sand whoops. You could drop it another 10 even if you're lighter. As I say, easier to take more out for now, and syringe it back in after testing. As squirting it in can be done with the bike assembled, using said syringe. 


Upon removal examine the oil to see if it has turned to stringy mozzarella, or if it's still light and 'watery' consistency as it should be. If it's foul, replace it and start again. 

Is the oil still in use from new?

Has anyone serviced the fork since new?

If anyone other than yourself or a suspension specialist has 'serviced' the fork then there's a possibility they've done something stupid (like weighed out 388 grams of oil, which would be about 450ml, and so forth).

In which case I'd recommend a full drain and replacement of the oil, as per the owners manual, but fill the main chamber with 358 and add oil only if it's too soft for you.  I always use the syringe to refill. 


Good luck!

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