Anyone tried an LED headlight?

Hi guys, long time lurker.  Tons of great info here, great forum.  I started commuting to work on my '99 YZ400F and found that the acerbis 35 watt incandescent headlight on the bike is way too dim.  I have a WR400 stator on the bike so I can't go too big on wattage, I run a cooling fan and I already am pretty maxed out on power usage.  I started looking at options, but wanted your opinions before pulling the trigger. 


Option 1: LED direct replacement, no experience with these,


Option 2: Halogen direct replacement, concerned about heat and vibration failures.


Any experience or observations would be awesome.

The yz is way awesome in town, super fun to ride. I am running 15/49 for sprockets, one more tooth on the front than stock. Way better on the road, and still good for trails and exploring.

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