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New KTM brapper

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Hey everyone, joined the KTM world recently with a 2005 exc 250. Bike is a beauty, Po was an older gentleman that worked at the college I was tutoring at and hooked the bike up. High comp head/piston, reeds, piped, trail tech vapor, shark fin, trail bag, bunch of extra parts including seat, fenders, tires, gear, sprockets, and original equipment.

Went to cedar creek this weekend and got the whisky throttle in a drag race and broke the subframe, air box, and bent the bars. Hoping someone could magically chime in with answers to year/model figment of those parts. I know where to locate bars but:

What model and years have the same air box and sub frame as the 05 KTM 250

Pics attached per new post requests. Old and new bikes




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