CRF at Local Arenacross

Several CRF450s showed up for a local arenacross on Saturday. Very nice bike but in at least three different occasions, if the bike would stall the rider could not get it started again. I am sure that they may just need practice with a new bike; I just found it odd that they could not start a bike that everybody claims is so easy to start. Just my $.02. Darrin

[ January 14, 2002: Message edited by: Deadeye ]

It was probably the guy on the CRF and not the actual bike's problem....same as YZFs.

The big deal is that Honda advertises their bike to start 2-3 kicks maximum, even after the bike has been turned upside down. We know this is not realistic and would have been better left unsaid. When they get flooded, there is no compression release to clear it out.

If you wanna see a truely easy starting bike, check out the new Cannondales - $5900 for Electric Start and Fuel Injection. Pretty Snazzy.

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