Fender pack

Anybody have any recomendations for a basic fenderpack setup?

I want to carry the minimum tools for trail riding, and spare plugs for me and the kids.

Dont really want to use a fanny pack, would rather have something mounted to the rear or front fender. I have landed on a fanny pack before and I didnt enjoy it.

I also need to get a hydration setup before summer rolls around, do they all come with icepack setups? Or only the tusk hydropack?

I have a Moose fender pack that works well. It has clips that attach to the fender lip, holds well, no holes to drill.

Another vote for "Dirt Bike Gear" rear fender Bag. Get the KDX model. It's a perfect fit and size.

I have a moose rear fender pack sitting in a box in my garage because I hated it. If you ride hard it will get in the way back there, plus it is hard on your tools, even in a moose tool wrap it knocked all the plating of my craftsman tools. I would be more than happy to sell you mine.

I've got one on the back fender. Chase Harper. Works well, bolts on, you can see in my icon. Couple things as mentioned. It's a bit big and will thrash your tools unless you pack something (tshirt) in with everything to keep it from jumping around. When you do that it does pop you in the arse when you get moving around. I also notice that when I get tired or mounting the bike from below the wheels I struggle swinging my leg over top the the damn thing. It adds about 5 inches above the seat when stuffed :) If I weren't over six foot tall I don't think I could. All in all its better than wearing a fanny pack. Done the crash and burn with them and it does hurt. Don't believe I could live with the pack on the front fender. Would upset my sense of "correct" vision. Like to have never got used to bark busters :D Yeah I'm anal. I've also tried carrying the tools in my camelback and couldn't stand the noise and clanking around. Guess the rear bag is the best of the evils. :D

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