My KLX400R

Good Afternoon Everyone,


I have just recently got into the supermoto scene. I have been riding dirt bikes since I can remember and I also bought myself a CBR 600rr 5 years ago which I love to death. So, I have been around motorcycles for most of my life. One of my friends owns a '01 DRZ 400s.. and one day last summer he just said to him self, "Hey, it would be bad ass to have a sumo." So he decided to order the Warp 9 kit and a new chain and sproket and bam, a super moto was born. Of course over time he made changes to make it a much better but thats not what this thread is about. He really got me into the idea of having a dual sport/sumo bike which we can just swap the tires for when ever we wanted to stay on road or ride in the trails. So after searching high and low on craigslist I came across a used '03 KLX400R which is basically just like the DRZ 400E as you guys know just in green. I live in CT, and this bike was located central Mass so I decided to take a ride up. So, the bike was beat up a bit, Speedometer wasn't working, carb wasn't jetted properly, bolts were missing.. It had two different types of tires, the front tire looked like a tire off a moped and the rear tire was a 70-30 tire.. 30-70? 70 on road, 30 off road. He was also the second owner of the bike as the previous owner had purchased a green baja kit and replaced the head light, side shrounds, skid plate.. He also put a black plastic gas tank on there.. Also... the odometer had said that there were only 4000 miles but it was broken so there is no telling how many miles there were.. But, in the end, I got him down to $2700 from $3200...


2013-07-21 KERMIT Headlight.jpg 2013-07-21 Kermit SideProfile.jpg


Anyways I loved the bike.. Only issue is that it ran like crap when it was really hot and was always bogging down. So I decided to have a place in Canton tune the bike to get her running better. So they said it would be super easy to do. Thats fine, I do everything else except carb stuff because I have no experience working on carbs and jetting them. So a few days later they call me back and told me its all better. I was pretty excited so I went to pick it up and paid $100.. They told me the carb was all gunked up inside and since they didn't have the proper pilot, they drilled it to make it larger. This is where I pretty much started to become a little doubtful. First off I was a little annoyed by this. Second, when I explained it to them, the bogging occured mid throttle which most likely would be the needle.. Instead they drilled the pilot. I rode the bike back and about a half hour in, the bike started spewing gas everywhere. So I called and brought the bike back and they "fixed it". The bike was still bogging down a lot and running horribly. So I figured, I will never come back to this I haven't been back since that time.. and plus I orded a JD jet kit. I decided to go through it myself, and I started with the needle. BAM, bike was running like a champ already... I adjusted for our temperature and elevation and it was running better already. Finally, after redoing the tune, I was pretty upset with the place but I figured, that I wouldn't deal with it and just forgot about the place.


Next things on the list were fixing up all the electrical related parts. Signal lights were broken, head light drove me nuts because I didn't like it, ordered a vapor tech and some other good stuff. Got the bike allwired up and it was looking much better. I also ended up getting a trail tech in green for the bike and I liked it at first but after.. I just didn't like it anymore. I also replaced the crappy handguards with zeta handguards/bark busters with integrated signal lights. I also bought the clamps on the handlebars that allow you to screw in side view mirrors. My other friend was doing the same thing as me but with a WR450 and had the mirrors sitting around and he didn't want them. So I took them and installed them and they are great. I can see everything. Later that month, I also bought the warp 9 kit off a website which allowed me to order green hubs at no extra price. It came with a 44tooth rear sprocket and chain..(Not O-Ring) Tires were mounted and ready to rock. So I did the complete wheel conversion. I also ordered a 15T sprocket for the front as well..


2013-10-17 Trail Tech Head light and sumo.jpg2013-10-17 Trail Tech Light Side and Sumo.jpg


Now for about a month I had a lot of fun with the bike. But then I got that itch... it needed more parts. So I bought a protaper black fatty handlebar to replace the old bent one. Also changed the handgrips and a few other things I can't remember. Now unfortunatly winter came so I couldn't do too much with it. Now since March, I decided that I wanted to change it a litte more. I ordered a new Head light again.. this time it was only $30 from Hong Kong. I also added a graphics kit to it.. I bought dirt offroading tires to replace the other crappy ones on the other set of rims. I also ordered High Way Dirt Bike mirrors which I hope will be coming in soon. I took the guards off the forks. I also am a little on the short side so I shaved the seat. I also re-organized the handlebar's controls and moved everything down so it is hidden from the front. And the last few pictures are what it looks like now.. Now this will be the first official summer where me and my 2 buddies and their supermoto/dual purpose bikes can go around and hooligan when we aren't on our other motorcycles. This bike turned out to be so much fun to ride that I almost prefer it over the street bike at times. Especially that I can just take it anywhere I want. I even ride off road with the sumo tires.


2014-05-04 SUMO NOW.jpg2014-05-04 Sumo Now Back.jpg


There is other stuff I added to the bike that I forgot to mention in the thread but its nothing too significant...



Now here is my main question for you guys, what do you think? What should I change based on your opinion?





I wouldn't change a thing, your bike is badass and suited to your tastes!   :ride:

Looks great :thumbsup:   Don't forget to do the "loctite-fixes" listed in the DRZ-400 FAQ sub-section and read up on some other areas for improvement (free-power mod, 3x3 mod, etc...).

your story is echoed over and over again by people who trust 'professionals' to rejet their bikes. the float level is almost always wrong, wrong needle, wrong idler, even the wrong idle rpm afterwords. 


congrats on getting a bike setup really nicely, yourself ! 

Nice work , looks good .

I prefer the look of the WR headlight .

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