2013 RMZ450 Inner Hub

Please help me figure this out, 2013 RMZ450 PRo-X Hub and Clutch kit, I did not put the washers(jitter springs) back in. The first separator(steel plate) made a huge dent on the inner hub, please see pic. what could be the cause of that?


Check for a broken tooth on the steel. Seen it happen and allowed just enough excess movement to cause damage like that.

Looks like your steel plate was worn and was rocking on the hub. Check the rubber oring cushion on the basket. If they are shot-all the shock goes right to the clutch and smashes the basket and hub. Did you break any fibers? Usually the fibers will break if it see that much shock. Id contact pro-x. Think its through wiseco?

I was also thinking about a loose basket/hub allowing excess vibration.

No damage or excessive wear on the fiber plates and steel separators, some were stuck together and that was all...thanks for all the help guys.

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