shock and linkage bolts

Hey guys Im tryin to take my shock off to get it revalved but I cant seem to get all the bolts loose especailly the ones on the shock itself. I have both wheels off and managed to get one bolt out of the linkage the rest are insanely tight. :D Im guessing this is because these bolts have never been loose before and the factory puts them on very tight??? :D Or am I doing somthing wrong??? :D

If anyone has any ideas I would appeciate it alot. :)

Just get a piece of pipe and slip it over your wrench and leverage it-- you'll get em loose! Oh yeah--make sure you are turning the nut...not the bolt. Helps if you take them off in the right order. Use a little grease on em when they go back on.

Wait till ya try removing the swing arm pivot bolt!

Thanx for then info I used a pipe over the handle of the wrench for more leverage like you said and it worked great just took awhile to loosen them. Yeah when I finally got the swingarm bolt out there was very little or no grease on it at all I guess thats true that honda dosnt put much grease on from the factory. Ill make sure to put pleanty of grease on them when I put them back on. :D Thanx Irondude :D

Now the next thing on my list to do is take the forks off but that should be a piece of cake compared to the shock.I hope :)

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