2011 woods suspension settings?

This past hare scramble really beat the shit outta me. The track was a softer type of dirt but it turned into hard pack after enough bikes had been through it. It basically turned into a bunch of choppy straights and rough corners. i race open B so i am in the afternoon race with the A and AA guys.


I thought i had the suspension at a good setting. It's stock  but i weigh 190 without gear so im a little heavy for the stock springs. I had the forks 12 out on compression and rebound. the shock i had 8 out on low speed compression and one turn on high speed, and 12 out on rebound. Should i go softer on the compression if it was a really rough ride? 

Anyone got any ideas?

For the woods, start with standard rebound settings or your favorite settings for MX and back the fork rebound of about 4 clicks.  Leave the shock rebound alone.


Roll the HS shock compression out to two turns, shock LS compression out to around 15 out, and take the fork compression to all the way soft (out).  Start there.  If the compression settings are too soft and causing bottoming, come back in on them enough to cure the problem.

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