worn footpeg mounts

Hey everyone just picked up a 04 mxc 300. My fisrt 2 stroke love how light it is.

My question is i notice it looks like the peg mount holes on the frame are wallowed out.

Can someone tell me the fix for this or just live with it? Any sugestions on the 300 that might be good to know too? Thanks

I'd have to search but don't have the time, some folks have drilled them out and then installed some sort of a collar or inner piece, look around there is a solution out there.

Weld over the holes and re-drill. Don't forget to pull the electrical before welding.

Ur up for some fabrication, no doubt. Any work like this I bring my bike to a local pro who really knows his stuff. He makes prolly $2000 a month on the side working on bikes, and people trust his work.

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