Just picked up a 2005 CRF250X Street Legal....Info...

Just picked up a 2005 CRF250X Street Legal.  New to this bike and any info regarding this bike being on the road.  Are they problem free?  What should I look for any unusual maintenance because of constant high speeds, etc.  Thanks.

It will be pretty buzzy with stock gearing (53/14), I've got a 48 tooth on the rear that helps a lot and the engine has enough power to pull the higher gearing.

because of constant high speeds, etc.


 I've got to ask; why did you buy a bike that's basically an off-road racing machine if your going to use it on the road so much?


 A true dual sport would have been a better choice if all you want is to hit the dirt once in a while.



I did not buy the bike just for the road.  I have two road bikes already and I bought the bike for off-road purposes but being street legal is a bonus.  Being able to ride the bike to the trails is much better than putting it on the trailer, wouldn't you agree?  Want to know if the bike can handle on road use or will it destroy it?

  I understand it's nice to tool down to the trail.  It's just that you said "constant high speed use".   Sounded like you were going to do mostly road.   It's certainly not a bike that you want to commute on all week and then maybe hit a trail or two on the weekend.



I commute on mine, but I had to gear it way up, so much so that it wouldn't be very good on trails. I have it geared for around 6000 rpms at 60mph. The 5 speed transmission really sucks for a dual sport application. On my old street legal XR250 all I had to swap was the front sprocket to go serious off road or street, due to it having a 6 speed. With the stock gearing, I was putting through parking lots already in 5th gear!

That's in a big change in gearing, I only reduced the rear sprocket to 48. 

What gearing did you end up with? 

And tire size?

How's the power in 5th gear?

I ended up with a 40 tooth on back and a 14 or 15 on front. Probably 14 because I think a 15 was to big to fit. Tire size is 110/90-18 on the rear.

Power is still good. I can go 70mph down the freeway and never need to shift down on the hills although I generaly don't ride the freeway with it.

14 front is stock and a 40 rear is a 25% reduction in revs, make 1st gear like 2nd gear with stock gearing. 

That sounds like nice gearing for running roads, might need a lot of clutch use on tight single track.

Yeah, it would be useless on tight single track! My intent was to have seperate wheels with different sprockets depending on what I wanted to use the bike for a the time. I still need to find some wheels to setup for serious trail riding.

It is easier to change counter shaft sprockets than rear wheels unless you also need a tire change. 

My fav tire for trail riding is the Dunlop D803 tubeless radial ply Trials tire with Tubliss system so I can run low tire pressure.  The tire absorbs tree roots, and other trail debris, better than a knobby, and I have some traction on wet red clay compared to zero with a knobby. 


The rear hubs are used on 04-07 CR125R/250R and  04+ CRF250/450, but if you want an 18" rim then only the X versions, or lace your own.  Lots of rim and spoke kits as well as R/X wheels on ebay. Seems to be more R wheels than Xs.  I have an R wheel I'm considering converting to 18".

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