2014 Fork Seals

Anyone else having seal problems? First one started leaking @14h, replaced with oem. Now the other leg @22h. Moto only, no gnarly mud or woods riding.

Yes my son's forks started leaking after first ride. Dealer said no warranty so they charged him 150 to change it. Next ride the other side started leaking. He bought the tools and replaced it himself. I have had no problems with my 14

The single most common cause of fork seals leaking is dirt.  I haven't had a seal leak in over a year.


Every few rides, you should pull down the dust seals and clean the dirt off of the exposed surface of the oil seal with a cotton swab or similar.  Then, tear a business card in half lengthwise, and use it to run up under the seals, removing any dirt that has found it's way there.  The torn edge will grab it and pull it out. 


Keep the fork inner tubes as clean as possible as much of the time as possible.  Don't let mud dry on them.  Even water spots can degrade seals.

Thanks Gray

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