Will this tire size work?

I gave my old 04 WR450 to my son...the rear tire Maxxis IT, is getting close to the end of its useful life...its 110/100/18


I have a "spare" tire kicking around. a Michelin S12 XC (cross competition) but its a 130/80/18...


Will this run OK from a sizing perspective,or am I pushing some limit? 


It will be used for mostly lower speed woods riding...lots of mud bogs, roots and rocks.  Your typical, fairly gnarly east coast stuff.


Not wanting to start a debate about what the best tire would be.....just asking if the sizing differences might pose any technical or safety/handling issues.


Thanks everyone.

Those tires are the same size. Michelin's tire sizes are messed up. Both of those tires are the recommended sizes for my WR.


Just to confirm...I am assuming woods-rider, that your "Yup" means....yes its OK to use the 130/80/18 tire


NOT..."Yup" ..it does pose a technical/safety/handling problem.



Thanks to both of you for the feedback.  Amazing that a major manufacturer can be so far off in reporting standardized technical data.

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