who's legalized a tiny trail bike in WA? got some q's


looking to convert my xr100 to street legal to connect trails (building a chainsaw rig for gifford!)


i've read the regs, and the sticky points i see is "DOT" brake lines (it's got cable operated drums) are they sticklers on DOT brake lines?


also, i didn't want to do a battery system, but will a horn be loud enough (to pass) on a/c?


any wisdom appreciated.  i'm planning on using the procycle kit fwiw

I don't think you will have a problem with the brakes, lots of motorcycles have cable or other mechanical, non-hydraulic brakes.


Horns need DC voltage though, so you need to add a regulator/rectifier and either a battery or a large capacitor

I used the reg/rect and a 3700mf capacitor as a battery substitute so I could run a horn, some have said 2000mf will work.  I read somewhere a while back about an AC horn, might be worth a search.  I do know from experience that BD LED tail/brake light will work on AC.


Honda uses 3.5mm bullet connectors, I crimp and then solder to seal and strengthen the connections. Here are two sources:


$20 min: http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/Elec__Products/Connectors/Bullet_Connectors/bullet_connectors.html


Economy Cycle: http://www.economycycle.com/servlet/the-Bullet-Connectors--fdsh--Wire--fdsh--Electrical/Categories

I do believe horns and lights must operate with out bike running to pass inspection.



My RM was plated before the current conversion statute so no turn signals and nothing works without the engine running, well not quite; the horn will bleep a short toot. Title says "CYC".


Previous WA statutes didn't require parking lights and didn't state lights, horn, etc needed to work with the engine stopped. I don't remember that requirement during discussions of the recent conversion legislation. So did our dear bureaucrats add a rule?

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i've read the regs, and the sticky points i see is "DOT" brake lines





can't find it now, musta been high on crack or something.  i talked to bent lever and they confirmed that i'm good to go.

i've found the answer, thanks peeples.


let the thread die!

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