2009 CRF250r will not run right.

Ive got an 09 CRF250r that is not running right. I can get it started on the choke and by kicking it and doing all sorts of things with the throttle. Ive fought this for the last 6 months as im trying to get it ready to sell, and I want to sell it honestly running. It has spark. New OEM spark plug. Valves are in spec, and have never zeroed a valve. Timing is on. Repeat, timing is on. I have put a carb off of a running CRF and put it on it, and doesn't make a difference. I pulled the top end off and inspected it. No scarring on cylinder, and head tests out good. I tried compression testing it with a kit, but the kit is hard to tighten down in the spark plug port because of the long neck going to the spark plug. I got a reading of 30psi, but I believe I couldn't get a good seal on it. When I put it back together after inspecting the top end, I made sure rings were set right, and I poured some oil down on the piston as the manual states. The bike started up ok for a few seconds, but then would not run off choke, and eventually would not run on choke as it warmed up. Just wondering if I am fighting low compression due to a piston/ rings problem? Any help would be appreciated.

I would start by performing a leakdown test. It still provide you with a good diagnosis of the engines condition.

How many hours on the the piston? turn up the idel run it on choke then see if it will keep runing.

I have owned 2 250r's and they were both '07, and they both had to be started completely different. These bikes seem to all be finicky starters until you find the drill that works for your bike. Also, from my experience, turning up the idle makes it harder to start off-choke.

have you played with the carb?

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