2000 cr250 CDI

Does anyone know where to get a new CDI from, Iv looked all over and can't find one, I was told they were discontinued. And I don't really wanna buy one off Ebay, Iv called my local honda dealership and they don't have any. Any help? Thanks.

Also would a cr125 cdi same year 00-01 work?

i' m pretty sure the 125 ignitions are different than the 250 ignition although parts all interchange maybe the 125 has more lead timing and advances quicker more total advanced timing . this topic is discussed in detail on cr500riders site , quite a few of them guys run 250 ignitions or mixes with some of the cr500 ignition system parts . I think 92 to 01 cr250 ignitions would work easily but 00/01 are very popular because of their compact cdi size/caracturistics

Well a few months ago I bought a cdi for a 99 with the two plugins and that didn't work my original cdi only has 1 plugin

Or does anyone have a cdi that I could buy of them for a 00-01 cr250?

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