2004 CRF450 time for head work - Reccomendations

Hello all, been a while since I have logged in. I have a 04 CRF 450 that needs the head redone.

Just looking for contacts or websites.


Kinda Yelp for Thumpers.

Ron Hamp and AS Racing do a excellent job at an great price.  There are others out there but, I have seen their work first hand. 

Fastheads did mine. Took a little while but they did a great job. I'll admit I might have bit off more than I could chew.. Bike hauls ass! Just wears me out quicker but.. Whatev I enjoy the workout

Ron hamp is not doing heads anymore

Southland Racing Products, Redlands, Ca.

Ron hamp is not doing heads anymore

Really??? I just got a quote for some head work from him today

Bigborethumpers.com New heads finished and on the shelf with stainless steel valves, heavy duty valve springs, and titanium retainers. for $549.95 Or we can Rebuild your head with our stainless steel valve kit for $210 plus $79 for the valve job. Your head may need guides, and that would run you an additional  $140 installed.

Hope this helps. 

Much thanks Thumper talk Brethren.

I like Fastheads in St George, UT. Brent does great work!

Long time no post, had to chime in though.


I would go with BigBoreThumpers. Had a great experience with them, super fast shipping, you don't have to send your head in, and the price is great. Getting your head rebuilt you would end up with a used head with twice cut seats by the time your done you would have a used head and be the same price as buying a brand new one from BBT. I did the math. Also BBT fixes the flow imperfections in the stock head and you get stage two stainless valvetrain. Really cant beat it.


I have 40hrs on my new head from them and valves have not moved! Bike always starts on first kick, even cold. Now that's with having a sealed airbox and my intake never eats dirt. I do my air filter every 2-3.5 hrs basically every ride.


There are other great companies out there and builders on here but BigBoreThumpers gets my vote!



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