Help locating an older graphics kit for a 1999 Cr125.


I'm trying to locate the graphics kit from this video when Honda had the woody logo all the way back when RC4 raced for the Factory Honda team. I've searched high and low for that kit, I know the 1998/1999 are nearly identical, but do the 2000-2002 bikes share the same plastic as my 1999? I desperately need a new graphics kit for my bike and I'd love to have that classic graphics kit, or even one of the old Honda of Troy kits with the dragon logo which I can't find anywhere.

The plastics on your bike ran from 1998-1999 on the CR125 and from 1997-1999 on the CR250. I don't really know where you could find those graphics but you could probably get a graphics company to make them for you, but it won't be cheap.

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