2006 CRF 450X Stock Fork Spring Rate

I am finding different #'s in my search for what fork springs come stock on 2006 CRF450X.


I believe they are .47, can anyone confirm.


Also, I need to go stiffer if anyone has an inexpensive place to source them.



Some references say .45 others say .47.

I've tested them and they are .47 kg/mm.

I had to go down in stiffness for my weight and sourced springs from a 250.  You can do the same and source Showa springs from any of the other bikes that use that 47mm Showa fork.  Check the R models for a stock size that's right for your weight and then source from ebay if you really want to go cheap. Factory Connection, RaceTech etc. all have charts that you can use to look up what fork and what weight springs are stock.


Hope that helps.

Race Tech says stock is .45


Eibach says stock is .46


Factory connection says stock is .47


I did not get a manual with the bike, I wonder what it says?

Those are all correct, depending on what country and what year.


Assume .47

I was told 0.45 mine measured 0.47 I also had a set of race tech 0.47's that are 10mm shorter than the std X springs so I fitted them :)  Don't forget the ICS springs.





BTW the rear measures 5.35 not 5.5...........................

Manual says .47 stock 2006 crf450x. Swapped to eibach springs .50 and 5.9

Occasionally i find a decent priced used pair on EBay for under $100 and sometimes as low as $65 for the pair  , if they happen to be Race Tech you will need 10mm of washers to get the correct free sag because the Race Tech springs are shorter than stock , you can get them from Race Tech (they will sell you 4 washers , 2 for each fork), they are basically real thick flat washers , they just have to be the same outer and inner diameter as the spring itself is  , i believe some Eibach springs are also shorter , but the fork spring washers will make up any difference

No washers needed the x runs too much internal preload stock.

The Aus X might but the U.S. X definitely has longer fork springs than the Race Tech springs , i had to use 10mm of washers , and its what Race Tech recommends for the X

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