Mounting license plate on 650R - looks like I'm drilling the fender?

Hi Guys,

     Picked up a 2001 XR650R and have the plate, but don't have a plate holder - how are youall doing it? I've searched the archives and I guess I'm stuck with putting holes in the stock fender no matter what I select, which is something I'm not keen on doing. Any other good options so it is street acceptable? If I'm drilling the fender, do I just bolt it  to top of fender? I'm looking for a rear rack, is there one that also incldes a plate mount, or able to be modified for it? Thanks. John

What's the big deal with drilling a hole or three?  I got a piece of .90 thick aluminum and bent an angle to mount my plate below the fender.

Bet you all wished you still had a Summers rear fender support and plate holder like i do....LOL


other R i just drilled the cool with it

We've been drilling fenders for years down here..None of that flash stuff was around when I was a boy and tbh even if it

was the people I kicked around with would never bother with such flashness..I continue to drill rear mudguards and mount

the plate direct to it as I've always done on a dirt bike..Old habits are hard to break and why bother when it's worked fine for

decades..Couple of rubber grommets between the plate and the guard and she's good.,Bend that plate to suit the guards shape,,

also makes it more difficult for the law to read,,a bonus..


I'll admit..our laws regarding plate mounting/visibility on motorcycles are probably a bit slack and not harshly enforced compared

to the US,,we like it that way.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll go with the BD plate holder/tailight assembly in the link. I don't like cutting orginal pieces of the bike for some reason, I guess from my restoration history in classic cars. But, it is only a cheapy palstic fender and still available, so I'll drill the holes to mount the plate. The BD design looks good, and I should be able to bend it up if needed. Thanks.


PS Horri, I met some great folks from Christchurch when I ran with the bulls in Pamplona in the early '90s, lotsa fun people.

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Iv'e had the BD tail section for years.The only issue is that when it's hot out and the fender gets softer,,the weight is too much and it flops a lot. I drilled lots of big holes in the BD tail section to lighten it and put a strap of aluminum under the fender about where the rear of the seat ends to keep the fender from flexing outward on the sides. ,,(Push down on the rear fender and watch where it spreads)

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