RMZ 250 exhaust gasket?

How do you remove the old copper crush gasket from the cylinder? What kind of tool should I use? Mine is smashed in there. The bike is a 2014 rmz 250 only 5 hrs on it. Want to put new Yoshie pipe on.

Dude, just take a flat blade screw driver and pop it out. Just be careful not to gouge the exhaust outlet

Thanks I tried that but couldn't get a bite on it. I hust pipe the pipe on with the old gasket I'm going to see how that works

You may be able to get away by using the old one , MAYBE! Dude gotta get the old one off , if possible

I use an angled pick. You get them from autozone or wherever. You can break that carbon seal by light scraping around the copper and then you can get a bite and pop it out. Just be easy on it so you don't gouge the head like slowgs said.

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