GPS Mounting

OK, got the power thing down. Now, with the mount that I have from Magellen (for my sportrac)it seems that the vibration is shutting off my machine. Its actually doing really wierd things to it. I was at Cow Mountain today and it worked fine in my pocket. Who has built a good vibration dampening mount?


Hi Ihad the same problem with a Garmin and got a gps mount from Touratech usa great finish and very goon product..I'm just coming from my second rally of 04 and had no prob with the gps mount

good luck

I had the same problem with my Garmin gps using a ram mount on the bars. The ram mount is dampened but not enough to keep my unit from shutting off. I applied drops of silicone to the battery door to keep the batteries from shifting and that fixed the shut off problem. Currently, I use a custom-built power supply running off the battery (in my bike) to power the gps. It's gone over 2500+ miles on the bars with no ill-effects. Touratech makes great products, just not within my price range. :)

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