What bike to buy

I'm 14"5 years old 5'1 115 pounds I have a cr 80 I'm pretty good on I think it's time to move up but on hills I'm not that good at like I get going up the hill then it starts to bogg down so I grab some clutch and it just starts jerking real bad and Boggs out eventually so I was thinking a four stroke would be easier need some second opinions see what you guys think but I can't touch on the bigger four strokes here's the bike I have nowImageUploadedByThumper Talk1399343626.424398.jpg


Why do u think that

Have a 2009 crf 150r and that bike is awesome. A guy with your small size would love it and it has so much power. I have it for a buddy bike but I weigh 230 and the bike rips with my fat ass on it

The 150R

Because your the perfect size for it. It's a 4 stroke so it has nice low end torque. Power all the way around. If your willing to pay you will not be dissapointed

Ok thanks

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