Rear Spoke Placement

S model stock rear 18" wheel.


Spokes are two slightly different lengths.


Which ones go where?


Drive, brake, inside, outside......................


Note to self, check this type of stuff on disassembly! :facepalm:


I did search and found several old posts and they seem to go with Long-inside, short-outside, but there was still some disagreement.

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Yea good question.  I have a spoke set and I see the difference but I have not figured out if it is a left right thing or inner outer thing.  Make a choice, build the wheel and see if it works out.  For a long time I over looked the fact the spokes were 2 different lengths.  It is not very obvious.

They have wheel Rebuilds on You Tube , I guess you would have to watch a few vids and find someone who knows what he's doing ?

Actually I have done both suggestions to a point. I started with a You Tube vid from Rocky Mtn but they used a wheel that had all spokes the same size. I guess I could search for more.


I thought I had it figured out before posting and did assemble the wheel. By starting all nipples and carefully counting turns I did see a pattern and it looks like I got it wrong. I will go over it again in the morning but I am leaning toward the longer spokes go inside on both sides. That is the theory that comes up most in threads that I have searched but there are prominent posters that disagree.


I was hoping that there was some type of basic OEM spec answer but I guess not.


Thanks  :thumbsup:

I rebuilt my both my wheels on my S with spokes from FasterUSA.  The stock spokes were arranged with the longer ones on the sprocket-side and shorter on the brake side.  The difference in length was ~ 2 mm.  The new spokes from FasterUSA were all one length and longer than the OE ones.


If the Excel spokes are two different lengths I would try putting them on like the OE ones (longer=sprocket, shorter=rotor).  Remember you need to lace the wheels with a certain “dish” as in the rim is NOT supposed to be centered between the hub (but shifted over towards the rotor-side).  That is something you should have measured before disassembling the wheels.


Thread I posted in:


I got my stainless spokes and nipples in yesterday from FasterUSA and they look great. The spokes are thicker than OE and the nipples are larger as well. The spokes come all in one length and longer than the OE ones. So placement of the spokes in the hub is irrelevant.



I laced the wheel last night and started with the outer spokes (furthest from axle) first and did both the rotor and sprocket side. The outer spokes point (spiral) clockwise, i.e. the spoke end at the rim points clockwise relative to the hub end. They are also spaced three spokes apart on the rim, i.e. outer spoke, empty hole, empty hole, empty hole, outer spoke.


Then I put on the inner spokes (closest to the axle) on both sides. They point counter-clockwise. They are also spaced three spokes apart on the rim, like the outer spokes, just shifted over on the rim.

Also the outer spokes are the ones that cross-over. So when you install the outer spokes first, then the inner spokes will go into the hub, under the outer spoke and into the rim.


OK I finally got it to where I am happy with it. So far there have been two conflicting ideas on the right way to go.


One says that the long spokes go on the inside of both the sprocket and brake side and that the short ones go outside. I was able to get that to work with a good pattern but the spokes were not the same length when you tightened the nipples evenly and the "threads showing" were very different.


I then started over and did long spokes both inner and outer on the sprocket side and the short ones both inner and outer on the brake side. That worked too with the same good pattern AND the spokes tightened to the same point. :ride:


These were Excel stainless spokes and they were the two slightly different lengths like the stock spokes.


Thanks all!   :thumbsup:

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