Drz400e carb problems (slant fcr)

Well I was riding all day today and while heading home going sixty I lost power and had a lot of popping and flames so I figured it was fuel so I switched to reserve and it did nothing. So now if I go past 1/4 throttle it sounds like a machine gun with flames shooting out of the exhaust. There were periods while limping home on 1/4 throttle it would start working fine again what would this be that it happened all the sudden when I've been riding all day tore the carb apart and all jets are clean it seems.

Try it again and see if the problem continues.  Probably a stator going bad.  I had one experience with a motor that ran like that.  Continued to get worse and worse over the course of 3 days. It was the stator.

I agree with the Expert , sounds like a Electrical Issue .


If it's the stator how could Is there a test I can do to see if it's it can you tell by just looking at it

I think that link I sent you had a test on it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it said to disconnect the stator three prong wire and run it to see if that clears up the problem. And I told you the Australians would help lmfao!

There are tests for the stator.  But not many people or shops will have the equipment to test it.  Although I hate throwing parts at an un-verified problem, frankly the stator is a common enough problem that it you can't find another problem, it is probably the stator.


Rule out the fuel system as best you can.  That leaves the electrical system. Then go over all of the electrical system looking for bad connections abraded wires etc. Coil and CDI box are very reliable and seldom a problem.  Look for silly stuff like side stand interlock switch, and kill switch etc.  Try disconnecting the 3 prong stator (yellow wires) and see if the problem clears up. (the motor will be running from the battery). If so, definitely a bad stator.  If you can't find any other problems then most likely it is the stator.

Yeah I really am not

Thinking it's the fuel system considering the carb was overhauled not to long ago and after opening it up I'm really thinking it's the stator from what I've read and what you've told me thanks a lot guys!

Is spark plug in good shape,? If it's been in a while , wouldn't hurt to install a new one...or at least check it's condition...

Yeah .. There are SO many stator issue that arise , it pays to have a spare .

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