Sorry to see this man.  Why didn't you chain them up? Or at least lock the bed door?

Thats what you call scum of this earth. I dont understand why we let these people out of prison, what are they going to contribute to life? That all of us have to be worried about getting things stolen from us? We're to lenient on thieves, criminals in general. Sorry to see man, next time lock em up. Even then though they arent entirely safe, unfortunately. 

Ill keep my eyes open for you out in the valley. Chilliwack area etc.. Any descriptive marks or features I should watch out for?? PM me etc. Im on Vedder lots etc.

Thats shitty. People like this should be shot. Any key detail on the bikes would be good. Keep my eye out on kijiji and everywhere for anything. Hope you get them back man

What the &%$#@! has our world come to, these guys should rot in prison.

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