That sucks.

Good luck.



Scum :thumbsdn:

Hope you find it ..Soon

I posted it on my facebook, maybe some of my canadian friends may be able to help out spreading the word.  I'll also post it on some of the dirtbike pages i know of.  

Scum of the earth!!!  Good luck finding it dude

did you have it insured? hope you find it good luck  :thumbsup: those scuz balls  :rant:

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BRUTAL! I sure hate to see that. GL with the recovery and/or insurance.

They will get theirs.

Shit like that pisses me off. Buy your own bike. But on the other hand how much does a log chain cost to chain the two bikes together



Is this the Matrix? Are we catching the criminal 90 years in advance? 


Just kidding. Hope you find it! :thumbsup:

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lol opps date error, thanks for having a look and passing it on.  



If u can post the vin numbers and year make and model

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The bikes are as good as sucks, but such is life when you leave a couple of nice bikes in the back of a pickup truck with all to see....

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Same thing happened to one of my bikes last year and right on cam.  Never got it back..


Goes around comes around..

Seeing as both scumbags had their faces covered, they may have known the camera was there.  Sad part is that the scum that stole them probably won't ride them, just sell to get money for meth, coke, heroin etc.  I hope they OD really soon.  


Some of my friends think I worry too much about my bikes getting ripped off.  I keep them in a locked garage, locked up with multiple cables and locks and covered so you can't look in and see em.  

I know how u feel man, had my bike stolen. I'll keep an eye out, im in Ontario.

Nice bike, hope you get lucky and find it.

The Criegslist post at the top lists it all!! Thanks to all!!


I am offering a $1000 cash reward, NO QUESTIONS ASKED for any information leading to the return of my bike that was stolen on April 29th around 5:30 in the morning from the Holiday Inn Express on Bridgeport Road in Richmond. It is a 2011 RMZ 450 with the Serial #: JS1RL42C4B2100682. It's got Yoshi exhaust, Black with white writing and red dials ASV levers, yellow hoses, red oil cap and a sunline shift lever. The theft was caught on video and can be veiwed at the following link

on Youtube and I have attached a couple pictures. Our file with the RCMP is: #2014-12442 with Constable Chu, her phone number is show contact info extension *2013. My name is Janine and you can contact me day or night at show contact info.

I don't need names, I just want my bike back!

GL brother!

I hope you find these guys. If I found these scum bags I would beat them with a baseball bat until they could not walk ever again....that would teach them.

Hope you get it back man, As for the the oxygen thieves, may a piano fall on their heads, or they die of pneumonia of the ass.

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