rm250 help!

I believe its a 2000 rm 250. How do I tell for sure? My first dirtbike actually worth fixing lol. Anyway I bought this bike in a box lol put it all together new crank, piston, etc. My issue is runs great for about 15-20 minutes then it'll kinda bog down then die...pull the plug its black an soke and wet. Im running br8es plugs, 50:1 mixture, air mix jet from 1-2 full turns out..I believe when I had the carb apart jets were 165 and 40. Carb also has that power jet valve that connects into wire harness. .what am I missing here?? Any help very much appreciated!!

You should get the vin # for the year and I think 50:1 is a bit high of a ratio, isn't it supposed to be like 32:1?

My buddy that owned it before said thats what he run in it for few years and also read on here lots of guys are running that mix...lol I dont know ive just been reading trying to do my homework. Also forgot to mention the clip is on the 3rd notch on the needle. .would it help to move it up one?

I would try going to the 32:1 ratio and lean it out some and see if that helps any.

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