01 KX 125 rear wheel spokes?

I'm rebuilding a 01 KX125. I have a few loose seized spokes and one completely missing spoke on the rear wheel. I've found quite a few options for spokes but I don't which ones are right. Can anyone here help me out?

Individual parts


41029-1295 (inner) front spoke

41030-1165 (outer) front spoke



41029-1204 rear spoke



41032-1085 steel nipple ( .40 cents more)

41032-1086 aluminum nipple


*note: for (front wheel only) Looking at the wheel from the side profile, where two spokes form an    X    pattern. The spoke on the "outside" or nearest you, is the outside spoke.

- An aluminum nipple will occasionally strip its internal threads on an external steel spokes threads.

- Only one part number is given for an inner rear spoke, assumption is that the inner and outer spokes are identical in length and bend.

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