Street Legal Kx250

Let me start by saying this: sorry if I break any rules or don't post correctly or whatever, I'm still a noob.


A couple years ago I dreamed of making my 1996 Kx250 street legal in Utah.  A year ago I did some research and found out how much it would be, and now a year later, with even more research, here the bike is.  It cost me around $700 for an extra set of wheels and tires (sprockets rotors etc), Tusk light kit, lighting coil (still has not arrived yet) and other misc. parts along the way.


I took my first ride around my block tonight, and needless to say, it was flippin' awesome.  Hearing this rip on the street with street tires, turn signals and a taillight is pretty awesome, IMO.  


The only problem is that the headlight still has no power.  The Tusk lighting kit is meant for bikes with a headlight already, which I knew when I purchased the kit.  The Tusk compact control switch (with the kit) has 3 wires to be able to wire a headlight to the switch.  The only problem is I do not know what wire from my bike's wiring harness to connect to, to get power for the headlight and also what wire to plug into the switch to give the switch power.  So in other words, there is no power running to the switch to power the headlight.  I saw a comment on a YouTube video that there is a black wire to plug into to give the switch power, but that is the wire for one of the headlight's beams (high or low I don't know at this time).


So if anyone knows anything about my bike and what wire to get power from, and also what wire to plug the power into on the switch, then please let me know!  Thanks for the interest and the help!


P.S. I hope you think it's as awesome as I think it is (remember I'm a poor high-school kid :D).

And also the bike is OFFICIALLY not street legal yet.  I have not got it inspected yet, but according to my research and the Utah guidelines, it should pass and can be titled soon.


Here are some pics of the bike as of tonight:










Looks good!! If Utah is like CT you will have no probs. I have friends who have plated YZ250, KX450, WR250, and every kind of KTM imaginable.

It is a good time ripping a two stroke on the road to get to the trails, that's for sure!

Good luck with the inspection.

Thank you!

I should be titled and licensed here in a couple weeks! Can't wait!

That should be fun haha, wish i could put my crf450r on the road... i have a drz400s for the street.

Im in Canada

Do you have a stator? 

I ordered a lighting coil from steahly off-road a couple weeks ago, it's out of stock so hopefully that will come in the near future. And I figured out how to wire my switch with this diagram below. Then ill be OFFICIALLY ready for the road.


Or you could run a total loss system and just use the diagram and instead of where the diagram says bike it would be a battery. You can throw the battery in the air box if its small enough. A a total loss system with a 12v battery and good lighting should outlast your fuel range. Also make sure tho pull in the clutch and blip the throttle on decel since this isn't a direct injection 2t system so it doesn't starve the top end.

I already have a battery in the airbox for the tusk kit. I think I would have to run an LED headlight for it to run off a battery efficiently, don't you think? And an LED headlight is way too expensive for me.

Yes I've been look for an led headlight can't seem to find one for cheap. How's the titling process going

I have it licensed now. Still trying to figure out a slightly reliable headlight system. I have the Acerbis HP Vision LED headlights but it draws too much power for my battery.

Looks nice that pal . It will look even nicer on the back wheel on the streets . Here my kx250 . What ya think iv just finished building her back up ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1402525557.667966.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1402525574.349980.jpg

If you figure out a system let me know!

Looks awesome Danny. Wish my bike was that clean!

I have installed a acerbis LED headlight but it just draws way too much power for my small battery. I have had no luck with a stator. I ordered an LED headlight from China for cheap that looks as tho it may be suitable for my battery I'll let you know in a while (shipping from China...)

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Is your bike cleaner than this pal ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1403559908.635326.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1403559923.619916.jpg

Haha yes but that aluminum frame makes it look so much more pretty!

It's not aluminum it's still steel kx's never came with aluminum frames.

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