KIck start idler gear ?

I recently changed the crank on an 07 crf250 and put it all back together. Gave it back to the owner and all was fine. About 3 months later he was complaining the bike would not kick start. He told me he had to push start it. I told him that if there is a broken tooth or idler gear problem he should let me take a look. He is young and stubborn and rode it anyway.

Anyway he had told me that the bike was hard to shift so said to stop riding and bring it in. Took the side case off and found the idler gear has been grinding on the clutch basket and came dislodged and just sitting in there.

I had been wondering on that gear, it had no circlip or anything holding it. so it had side to side play. I had asked another mechanic and he said, yup that's how it is. Now I am wondering if the brass bearing inside that gear was just worn badly and let the gear come out.

I checked the clutch basket alignment and all seems fine, anybody hear of this before?

Thanks again

Al Kilgore

In order for it to fall off, wouldn't you have to have more play on the transmission shaft? Not sure if its going to fall down without clearance?

It would seem so. I am wondering if you could improperly install the transmission / Shaft. The piece that the gear goes on is short. , Not sure about the length.

Also possible bearings in the main clutch hub are a little loose.



Did you ever figure out the cause of the issue? Got an 06 lower end that did the same thing today and for the life of me I can't figure out how it would fall out

has any found a solution to this problem ? 06 crf250r

i have problem with my kicker idler gear for my 06 crf250r . I found the idler gear has been grinding on the clutch basket and came dislodged and just sitting in there. nothing holds this gear down any ideas .

Hey Everyone, 

Im new to this forum and dirtbikes in general. I bought a 2007 CRF250R last year and took it out to the pine barrens a handful of times until the kickstart stopped working. The kickstart goes straight to the floor without any resistance. Im still learning, so I tried some trial and error stuff like resetting the kickstart spring, and still had no luck. After much frustration I found that the kickstart idle gear is loose and wiggles. Enough so that the Kickstart doesn't catch the idle gear at all. Did any of you dudes ever figure out how to fix this? There doesn't seem to be any specific washer or bolt to keep the damn idle gear in place.

Any advice at all would be incredibly appreciated.



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