Grinding noise in engine on 06 drz400sm

I've done a lot of research and it seems like it could be the automatic cam chain tensioner failing and the timing on the cam chain got knocked out of wack. I ordered a MCCT and am going to set the cam chain back to normal timing (if it is out of wack).


Hope that is whats wrong and not my bottom end.


I found a video of another SM doing the same exact thing, this is how mine sounds and runs exactly  ->


Thank you in advance for any input you have!

I would remove the stator cover and check ALL the bolts

Check the primary and counter balancer nuts

Check cam chain tension too

sounds worse than the cam chain tensioner. i'd do an oil change and look for evidence of unhappy bearings/bushings. 


while you're doing the cam chain tensioner, check for rotational play on the auto-decompression assembly. if it moves at all (rotating), cut it off before it assplodes. there are quite a few tutorials here on TT if you aren't sure about how to do it. 

My bottom end is making a very similar noise, but not stopping


The guy who made the youtube vid says that he had to do a complete engine rebuild and replace the rod and cylinder  :cry:


Did you ever work out what YOUR problem was???

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