Honda XL500s Stuck in 1st Gear


I wonder if any body can provide me with some info on this matter.

When I got this XL500s (1981 i guess) it was stuck in 1st gear. So I opened the gearbox, freed the 1st gear selector fork from where it got stuck

(it came out of the groove of the selecting shaft). After running through the gears several times with the engine on the bench, i've put it back in the

bike and took it for a ride. I was able to run through the gears. once up and once down and now it is stuck in first again. :banghead:

What should I be looking at? Is there a chain that is not tentioned enough or something else worn? This is a 5 speed transmission.



Will it kick start or is it locked up to

Hi Jdropst72,


It Kicks and starts as long as the cluch is engaged.

 These images wer taken while I was working on it.

First pic shows how loose the selector fork is after it dis-engaged from the "guiding shaft". You can see that it has been dislodged from the  guiding shaft. Third Pic shows the tention of the timing chain on the off centre weight (whatever that does).

That's a good sign. That means it's only n your transmission. Was your fork or drum worn at all

It looked fine to me.

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