Lorretta Lynn Regionals

So I recently qualified first in my class to go on to regionals.

I have never been (or even tried for that matter) but I am having a hell of a time finding info.

Im going to both the regional at Muddy Creek (SE) and High Point (NE). If anyone has info on when I should get to the track, how the 3 moto format works, how long the motos are etc. etc.


I have no answer, but did want to say good job though! 

I have no answer, but did want to say good job though!


Yep, it takes a lot to make it to lorrettas.

My nephew made it once. Remember to keep relaxed, don't get nervous. Most of all have fun, a lot of people never get that far.

Good job, keep us posted.

All the info you need is at mxsports.com

thanks guys! I've read just about every bit of info on mxsports but they don't mention how the schedule and track fees at the regional will be like.

Then look on the regional tracks website. If it's not posted then call them. The regional is a huge race for the track owner. The regional is a long hard weekend, but so worth it if you qualify. Good luck.

ill have to call the muddy creek track then because there website isn't hitting on much either all I know is 3 motos and practice on Friday

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