3/4 pinion and 5th gear pinion on main axle question.

Hi team.

Have pulled down my TTR to inspect gearbox as I've had a fair bit of metal in the oil filter after a failure during a ride. On rebuild I'm not sure if the 2nd gear pinion and 5th gear pinion is supposed to rotate on the axle? The dogs don't line up to the between the 5th, 3rd and 4th gear gogs either. I've tried to press them off and it's bloody tight to no avail. I have no idea if it's pressed tight 'not' to turn or it's seized.....

Would like anyone's opinion if they've split the axle to bits.

It's from a 2005 TTR 250....

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1399375672.503211.jpg

Cheers. Dave

Edited by drama5

If that parts diagram shows the gear available to order, then, yes, it is supposed to come off the axle.

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