2009 KTM 450 EXC smokes out the pipe under load. What can it be?

Hi, Im new to this forum and could really appreciate some help/advice. I picked up a 2009 KTM 450 EXC a week ago off craigslist. The bike runs fine, looks in excellent condition with 29 hours and 530 miles, BUT, it smokes out of the exhaust, intermediate pipe, and breather? hose under load. Where should I start??? And what could it be? Any help is INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED. -Dave from bony New England.

Oil level too high?

The 08-09's had oil burning problems. If its not something very simple like over full oil, you may need a new piston and rings. Also keep an eye out for oil transfer between gear box and crank case. Another known problem from that era. Once sorted properly, you will have a great reliable bike.

yeah, the stock one-piece oil ring doesn't work so well in many of them.


putting in a wossner or other quality aftermarket piston with a three piece oil ring often cures the problem.


but, if you don't care about topping your oil off all the time, you can just add some after every ride (i did that for 300 hours before i decided to refresh the top end, and it didn't hurt anything).

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