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XR600 200 watt stator voltage drop

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Have a 97 xr600 that i just wired up for dual sport, ran a ricky stator 200 watt stator with one leg into the bike harness and the other to a reg/rect, battery and on to the headlight, blinkers, horn, tailight. Used a tusk battery pack and all is in working order. My problem is when the bike is running with the headlight on it does fine, when i try the blinkers at the same time they work but eventually the voltage drop is too much and the blinkers cut out. I am reading 14.4 volts running with nothing on but when i put on the battery or even just the blinkers the voltage drops to below 12 and sometimes closer to 10. Any ideas on what may have caused this, going to charge the battery up but not sure if that is going to do a whole lot seeing as the voltage drops well below 12v even when just running the headlight at medium revs.


Thanks for your help


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