08 vs 06 yz450 trees

Does anyone know if the fork trees are the same or is the spacing different? I think the forks are the same but not sure about the 08 axle.

I know the top triple clamp is different in that it has 2 extra perch mount locations. Don't know if the actual size or spacing is different. I know who would know though, call BRP Racing and ask for Mike or Jim.

The forks I believe are the same.

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The forks themselves are different from the '06-'07 externally.  The '08+ uses a smaller front caliper (and a different master cyl/lever to match), and the diameter of the "fat part" of the axle was changed (smaller), so they don't directly interchange. 


The stem on the '08-'09 is 5mm shorter than the '06-'07, but that can be easily swapped, and the lower clamp is otherwise interchangeable.  The top clamp should be interchangeable, but some aftermarket companies list the '06 separately from the later models.  Tube spacing and offset is the same on all of these, so I don't know just what the difference is, if any, that would keep them from fitting.  Top fork tube diameter on the '06 is 54.9mm for comparison.

Thanks grayracer, basically I have my 06 forks on my 08 yz450, the thing that is different is the axle, If I try using the 08 axle with the 06 forks it to short, i am assuming it's because the fork lugs themselves set more inboard on the 08 forks???.  Other then that the outer fork diameters at the clamps have not changed from 06 to 08 have they? 

In order to use the '06 forks, you'll need the '06 axle and spacers.  Then the only hang up is mounting the '08 caliper. 

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