chain and sprockets ?

I have a new chain with 13/49 gearing and want to go to 13/51. Will a 114 stock lenght chain fit this combo? :)

Probably not, but its a 5 minute investigation, so Id try it and find out.

Hey Ebaythumper, you might want to think about getting that stock chain and pitching it, because if its stretched that far its more than likely going to pop soon(bad things can happen). The stock stuff is garbage anyway. A good O-ring chain and steel sprockets is the way to go for longevity. Aluminum rears don't last long on thumpers, well, actually on anything for that matter. Also, with the power the 4-banger makes, you will never notice a power loss by running an O-ring, just my two cents.

There is a way to figure it out, though I honestly don't remember the particulars. Something like every 1.5 teeth equals another link in the chain. I would think that any place selling aftermarket sprockets should have it listed. If you're unsure then buy the chain a couple of links too long. It's much better to have to remove a link or two than it is to have to add a link or two.

Hey KC,

I think it will work fine. I am running 13/49 with the stock chain and have rear adjusted alomost all the way out. I'll bet there's enough room for a tooth or two on the rear sprocket. this will even make the wheel base a bit shorter which can bee a good thing as well.

Ride On...


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