Neck Brace for Enduro/Cross Country

I have a Leatt GPX Trail brace that I recently purchased. Raced MX through the 80's, and never have never used a neck brace. I'm 6' 200#. Used a Shoei off-road helmet. The Leatt works OK on my MX track, but I find in the woods on my HS course it seems to restrictive. It makes it difficult to look up on up-hill sections and while riding standing up. I'm doing GNCC and VCHSS races. I'm wondering what other off-road racers are using as far as a Leatt? The Leatt GPX Race brace looks like it has more room behind the helmet. Watching the 2010 ISDE last night, their braces looked like they were lower in the back as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I had the same issue with my Leatt brace....adjusted it so the rise in the front/back/sides was set to the least amount possible, and now it's comfortable to turn your head in to look to the side and backwards, with my Shoei helmet.


I'm 6' and around 190 lbs, so close to you in size.


Did you adjust yours?  Mine was a problem till I did.

I'm running the newer Leatt Five.Five brace and find it offers for much more range of motion than the Omega brace I was using before.  I have never used previous versions of the Leatt so I cannot compare, however they claim this newer brace has a lower profile.  I find no issues looking around on VCHSS courses now.

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