Slip on hose to get on board generator fumes away from RV?

I have a Class C motorhome with a built in Onan 4k generator. I've had the Carbon Monoxide Alarm go off in the middle of the night with the furnace on. Freaked us the f**k out!! It isn't an issue running AC bc fresh air is being pushed in, but the furnace uses the air already in the motorhome. I would like to slip a hose on the end of the exhaust to run 10-15 feet away and downwind when we are boondocking. I've seen the "stack" type pipes that people run up up vertically on side of camper, but the way my slide out is over the generator it wouldn't work very well.

Ideally, I need a hose that can handle the heat of the exhaust and be flexible enough to wind it up and store it, like you do with a regular water hose. Only issue that pops into my mind is if the exhaust temp is high enough for a hose laying on the ground to maybe be a fire hazard???

Any opinions or ideas? What temp you think the exhaust gases get to? 200 degrees?


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Do this sooner than later. A family parked beside us at the track a few years ago almost died because of carbon monoxide. The kid fell out of bed and the dad heard him, otherwise they would just kept sleeping and suffocated. They got real lucky. The sensors never went off either.

Right on! Thanks fellas. Exactly what I need. I'll try a short section of that hose first. If that doesn't work out, then I'll get the Gen-turi and have to put an elbow or two on it and snake it around the slide and the little awning that goes out with the slide. May even try to permanently attach something bc 90% of our camping is out boon docking in the forest/desert. Thanks again.

Yes sir, I'm in the loop now. Thanks for your time.



Your saying the the detector went of with the heater on? Or the generator? Heater does not require the generator to run. It's propane and the fans are 12 volt. If it goes off only with the heater on the genturi will not solve. I'd test the detector an make sure its working, then isolate whether heater or generator is setting off. And then look at blockage around the venting as both should be vented well enough on manufacture install.



It only goes off with the heater and Generator on. It wouldn't go off with just the heater. Just when both are on. Wife can't sleep unless that fan is on, so we run the generator. You know how that goes.

It only goes off with the heater and Generator on. It wouldn't go off with just the heater. Just when both are on. Wife can't sleep unless that fan is on, so we run the generator. You know how that goes.

What about with just the generator on?

Never goes off with Generator on, unless the furnace is on. I always pop open the vents a few inches, but on all 3 occassions when the CO2 alarm went off, with both Gen and Furnace on, it was very windy so the vents got closed bc of the noise they were making being bounced around by the wind. I now see the error of my ways and have a better understanding of what is going on. With the Gen Turi or my hose set up, plus making sure to keep a few windows cracked, we should be good.

I have had isues with the CO alarm when wind is blowing against the gen and heater

both my box van and toy hauler have built in onan generators and both have a short metal pipe that extend the exh about 4 inches past the body. Does yours have this on it?

Yes it does.

i bought the Camco Gen Turi, but have yet to use it. I tore up me knee a few weekends ago and won't be testing the generator set up for quite some time.

I think these typically metal to withstand the heat so I doubt a plastic hose would withstand the heat

Glad the gen-turi was mentioned, no generator manufacturer wil support an exhaust extension or modification.

Generators are about the only thing more expensive to repair/replace than motorcycle engines.



Read your response.

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