04 Kawasaki kx250f pickup coil resistance?

Hi does anyone know what the resistance should be on the pickup coil from a kx250f

Magneto: Crankshaftsensorresistance: 80 ∼ 120 Ω Magnetooutputvoltage: inthetext

Statorcoilresistance: inthetext

IgnitionSystem: Ignitiontiming: (Disconnectthethrottlesensorlead) 8°BTDC@2000r/min(rpm)

Ignitioncoil: 3needlearcingdistance 7mm(0.26in.)ormore Primarywindingresistance: 0.28 ∼ 0.34 Ω (at20°C) Secondarywindingresistance: 7.65 ∼ 10.35kΩ (at20°C) Sparkplug:Type NGKCR8EB Gap 0.7 ∼ 0.8mm(0.026 ∼ 0.031in.)

C.D.I.unit: inthetext

ThrottleSensor: Inputvoltage around5V

Outputvoltage: (whenthethrottlevalvecompletelyclosed). 0.58 ∼ 0.78V (whenthethrottlefullyopened). 3.5 ∼ 3.7V

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