Exhaust volume

I can't speak for the FMF pipe but I have a DG O-Series muffler and E header and I tried DG's quiet insert.  It lowered the noise a little and took some of the "crack" out of the exhaust note but it was still plenty loud to get me in trouble in many off-road areas.  I also felt like it restricted the power a little more than I was hoping for.  Bottom line now is if I am going to ride where I need to be stealthy, I will just put my stock muffler back on.  Granted it's still a trade-off of power / sound, but at least I will be within the legal limits and it only takes a few minutes to swap out.

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I think FMF just stands for obnoxious. They are always loud as fak and don't have a good feel on power, probably from lack of back pressure or something. Quiet insert usually tones down the harshness but not by a lot.

Louder the better IMO

Anyone with experience with this specific setup? (FMF PC4 + powerbomb + quiet insert)

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