Xr600r mods

What are the best mods I could do to my bike I don't have battery just the stator its a 91 xr 600r thanks

Exhaust, jetting, ergonomics (ie bars in a comfortable position for you), extra protection if you ride trees or rocky areas, choke plate and set up your suspension. Then ride it a lot....

Upgrade your stator to a Ricky's 200w+ and the worlds your oyster. Don't forget to upgrade the regulator to a beefier one. Ricky stator also sells them. Other than that it really depends on the type of riding you like to do. This is a very versatile bike and could be set up a multitude of ways. Enjoy.

My 2 cents...oil cooler and fcr carb are the best mods to do to a stock 600.

Then suspension and tires.

A steering dampener also changed the game for me

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